• BP.402, Tahaggart, Tamanrasset 11000 Algeria

Practical Advice

Administrative and health formalities : essential passport; for Mali yellow fever vaccine.
Our expeditions can be done by anyone in good health. You must have a good team spirit. For the bivouacs, provide a personal pharmacy with an analgesic, aspirin, an antidiarrheal, an antiallergic and repellent against insects as well as bandages.
- In the morning : breakfast, tea or nescafe.
- Midday : cold meal.
- In the evening : hot dinner and bivouac.
- Bring wines, spirits and cigarettes; you won't find any in expedition.
Our expeditions are calculated on 4 participants minimum, except raid Mali 8 people and 12 people.
To be valid, any registration must be accompanied by 30% of the total amount of the trip, the balance is due 5 weeks before departure.
Our 4x4 excursions are based on 4 to 5 people per car.
Personal equipment
- Mountain shoes, warm clothes for the night and light clothes for the day, trousers for the ladies.
- Electric lamp with batteries, electric razor with batteries.
- Straw hat or cap, seek to buy on the spot moisturizing cream for lips and face for protection against air dryness.
- Refreshing towels and Kleenex.
- Sunglasses.
- Nylon bags for the protection of cameras against sand.
- Provision of tobacco for smokers.