• BP.402, Tahaggart, Tamanrasset 11000 Algeria

Touristic Complex Bois Pétrifié

Why Bois Pétrifié?

Formerly, in the historic region around In Ghar at Tidekelt, there was a forest of oaks and pines. The soil was fertile and supported a large fauna. What remains of this forest thanks to the climatic conditions of the region has gradually fossilized to become the living testimony of an ancient life in the heart of the Sahara, very close to the luxuriance of the African savannah.

Located at the northern entrance to Tamanrasset, on the road to the airport, in its setting decorated with rock paintings, the vast Tourist Complex « Bois Pétrifié » offers you the opportunity to discover the Sahara in comfort and relaxation. He has to do :
20 single, double and triple rooms, all equipped with shower rooms, TV, fridge, air conditioning, hot water 24/24.
A dining room.
A 1500 m2 campsite, equipped with all amenities.
A refreshment bar-cafeteria.
A Khaima (Tuareg tent) where tea is served in a typically local picturesque setting.
A large garden with shaded terraces.

The Complex also has a Travel Agency which will take care of your reservations, the issue of your tickets as well as the organization and realization of your visits, circuits, seminars, transfers. All these services make our complex the ideal setting for a pleasant and fruitful stay in the middle of the desert.