8 Days / 7 Nights

Day 1, Annaba :

Arrival to Annaba. Dinner and night.

Day 2, Annaba :

Visit of the rests of Hippone and the museum, lunch. Afternoon, visit of the basilica of Saint Augustin and mass.

Day 3, Annaba /Souk Ahras :

Discovery of Thagaste, nowadays Souk Ahras, an old numidian city, raised in roman colony at the end of the first century after Christ. Visit of the museum of Thagaste and tour around the city. Mass at Thagast, return to Annaba, dinner and night.

Day 4, Annaba / Madaure :

Departure to Madaure, visit the roman ruins in the road to KHEMISSA, continuation on Madaure, visit of the university of St Augustin, return to Annaba, dinner and night.

Day 5, Annaba /Guelma/Constantine :

Departure on the morning to Guelma, arrival, visit of the museum, the Roman theatre, lunch. On the afternoon, visit of thermals «HAMMAM MESKHOUTINE». Continuation to Constantine, dinner and night.

Day 6, Constantine /Djemila :

Departure towards Cuicul, nowadays Djemila, a city created on 96 by the emperor Nereva. Discovery of the archaelogical site on the edge of the mounts of Ferdjioua. Lunch.

Day 7, Constantine :

Visit of the downtown, the suspended bridges, the Bey palace and meeting with the bishop of Constantine. Mass, dinner and night.

Day 8, Constantine :

Transfer to the airport.