8 Days / 7 Nights

Day 1, Algiers :

Arrival, welcome and transfer to the residence place. Tour of the city as per the arrival time.

Tag 2, Djelfa /Laghouat :

Departure on the morning to Djelfa. Lunch on site. Continuation to Laghouat. Settlement in half-pension formula; visit of the grave of Sidi Abd El Kader and the heights of the city. Dinner and night.

Day 3, Laghouat :

Departure to Kourdane, visit on site of the mausoleum of the Tidjani’s and the palace. Lunch in picnic. Return at the end of the afternoon to Laghouat.

Day 4, Laghouat/Ain Safra 500km :

Departure to Ain Safra; lunch on road to El Bayadh. Settlement and visit.

Day 5, Ain Safra :

Visit of the cave paintings site of Tiout and its palm grove, return in residence. Afternoon, visit of the cemetery where the grave of Isabelle is located.

Day 6, Djelfa :

Visit during the half-day of the village of ASLA and the thermal resort of Ain Oukra (70 Km). Picnic on site and bath sequence. Continuation on the afternoon to Djelfa. Arrival on the beginning of the evening. Settlement in the residence place. Dinner and night.

Day 7, Algiers :

In the morning , visit of the prehistoric museum of the town and the market, the thermal resort, Lunch. Afternoon, continuation to Algiers.

Day 8, Algiers :

Departure. End of our services